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Contributions to the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

Christopher Brasher, athlete and administrator (1928-2003) (2007)

Donald Thompson, athlete (1933-2006) (2010)

Andy Norman, athletics administrator and promoter (1943-2007) (2011)

William Applegarth, athlete (1890-1958) (2012)

Jack London, athlete (1905-66) (2012)

Alex ‘Hurricane’ Higgins, snooker player (1949-2010) (2013)

Liz Ferris, Olympic diver and gender equality activist (1940-2012) (2016)

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Magazine and Newspaper Articles

‘A Classy Game’, Ancestors, August 2009

‘Swimsuits and Sweaters: what historians can learn from knitting patterns’, Knitting Traditions, 2012

‘In a League of its Own: sport and human rights’, The Independent blog, 18 June 2012

‘Olympic Record’, London Planner, July/August 2012

Kathryn Hanks and Martin Polley, ‘London’s Olympic History’, In London, Summer 2012

‘London’s Parks and London’s Olympic Games’, London Landscapes, 2012

‘Poets and Olympians reforge their link’, Daily Telegraph, Review Section, 7 July 2012

Recent Keynote Papers

In Pietri’s Footsteps: the 1908 Olympic Marathon route, ‘Olympic City: London 1908-1948-2012’, Centre for Contemporary British History, 2008

Sport and English Identity, Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism, London School of Economics, 2008

Sweaters and Swimsuits: knitting patterns as historical sources, ‘Centers and Peripheries in Sport’, University of Malmö, 2010

Richard Holt’s Sport and the British: the view of the next generation, ‘Historians on Sport’, International Centre for Sports History and Culture, De Montfort University, 2010

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‘From Olympia to the Olympic Games’, The Ides of March Lecture, Portsmouth Grammar School, 2012

‘The British Olympics’, Brympton Festival, 2012

‘Goalposts and Googlies: sport and the English language’, Winchester English Language Student Conference, University of Winchester, 2012 (Keynote)

‘The Olympic Games in History’, Moving the Goalposts: Sport in Transition, Sports Heritage Network, Lord’s Cricket Ground, 2012 (Keynote)

‘Hampshire and the Olympic Games: a local history of a global event’, Hampshire Field Club and Archaeological Society, Hampshire Record Office, 2012

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‘Britain’s Healthiest Sons and the Danish Dianas: Gender at the 1908 Olympic Games’, Sports and the City, University of Westminster, 2012

‘Olympic, Olimpick and Olympian: British re-imaginings between Zeus and Coubertin’, public lecture for the Department of Greek and Latin, University College London, 2012

Beijing Taxi: member of post-screening discussion at Curzon Soho with director Miao Wang and Professor Richard Burdett, 2012

‘West London’s Olympic Heritage’, Ealing Library, 2012

‘Olympic, Olimpick and Olympian: British re-imaginings between Zeus and Coubertin’, Anglo-American Conference, Institute of Historical Research, 2012

‘In a League of its Own: is sport above human rights?’, launch event for Index on Censorship, Free Word Centre, 2012

‘What do the Olympics mean to us?’, panellist in the Daily Telegraph debate, Dartington Ways With Words Festival, 2012

Opening talk at Philosophy Football’s Alternative Olympic Opening Ceremony Party, 2012

‘From Zeus to Coubertin’, Swansea Classical Society, National Waterfront Museum, 2012

‘London’s Olympic History’, Castlehaven Community Association Help Elderly Local People Scheme, Camden, 2012

‘Britain’s Olympic History’, American Women’s Club, London, 2012

1936: member of post-performance panel of Tom McNab’s play on the 1936 Olympic Games, Lillian Bayliss Theatre, London, 2012

‘Politics & Olympics: Ideals and Realities’, Chatham House/Free Word Centre, 2012

‘The British Olympics: exploring Britain’s Olympic heritage, 1612-2012’, ARLIS (Art Libraries Society) annual conference, 2012 (Keynote)

‘Knitting and the Olympic Games’, In The Loop 3, University of Southampton/ Hampshire County Council, 2012 (Keynote)

‘Sweaters and Swimsuits: knitting patterns as historical sources’, The Material Culture of Sport, Design History Society annual conference, University of Brighton, 2012

‘Olympic, Olimpick, and Olympian: Britain’s alternative Olympic histories’, Historical Association, Cardiff Branch, 2012

‘The Olympics and L’Entente Cordiale: The 1908 London Olympic Games and the Franco-British Exhibition’, Hosting, Organising and Celebrating the Olympics, University of Rouen, 2012 (Keynote, and member of the Scientific Committee)

‘The Women of the 1908 Olympics’, Anita White Foundation, University of Chichester, 2013

‘Knitting and the Olympics: clothing, competition, culture, and control’, Invited Speaker for the AGM of the Knitting and Crochet Guild, 2013

‘Sport, empire, and diplomacy: British international sport in the 19th and 20th centuries’, Comparative Sport History Seminar between the UK and Japan, Yamaguchi University (Yoshida Campus), Yamaguchi, Japan, 13 March 2014

‘Sport, empire, and diplomacy: British international sport in the 19th and 20th centuries’, Comparative Sport History Seminar between the UK and Japan, Ryukoju University (Omiya Campus), Kyoto, Japan, 16 March 2014

Media work

The Game of Their Lives (BBC4 and cinema release, 2002)

  • Interviewee and consultant on documentary about the North Korean team at the 1966 FIFA World Cup: winner of the Royal Television Society’s 2003 award for best sports documentary

Red Games (BBC Radio 4, 2004):

  • Interviewee on documentary on the interwar Workers’ Olympiads

The People’s D-Day (BBC Radio 4, 2004):

  • Interviewee on documentary about Hampshire and Operation Overlord

The 1960s: the Beatles Decade (UKTV History, 2007)

  • Interviewee on documentary series about popular culture in the 1960s

The History of the Olympics in England (Winchester City Council, 2008)

  • Podcast as part of Winchester City Council’s Cultural Olympiad project

The First True Olympics (BBC 4/Great North Run Cultural Programme, 2008)

  • Interviewee and consultant on documentary film about the 1908 London Olympic Games

The Things We Forgot to Remember (BBC Radio 4, 22 November 2010)

  • Interviewee and consultant on documentary about the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games

The George Lamb Show (Talksport Radio)

  • Regular live contributor on historical sporting themes, 2011
Word of Mouth (BBC Radio 4, 2012)
  • Interviewee on documentary about the history of the word ‘Olympic’

The Long View (BBC Radio 4, 2012)

  • historical consultant and interviewee on London’s Olympic history

Mud Men (ITN History, in production for 2013 broadcast)

  • interviewee on the history of sport.

I have undertaken numerous interviews (live and pre-recorded) for television and radio news programmes on various historical, social, cultural, and political aspects of sport during major events, including the Olympic Games, the Commonwealth Games, the FIFA World Cup, and the Rugby Union World Cup. These have been for BBC News at Ten, BBC TV News Channel (including three sessions as ‘presenter’s friend’ during the 2012 Olympic Games), BBC Breakfast, BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC South Today, BBC Radio 4 (including The Today Programme and PM), numerous BBC local radio stations, TalkSport Radio, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Television, Australian Broadcasting Company (radio), Japan Broadcasting Corporation (television), UT-1 (Ukrainian state television), and Slovenian state radio. I have been a named interviewee in articles in a number of newspapers, including The Times, The Guardian, the New York Times, and, through interviews with Reuters and Associated Press, newspapers in the USA, Japan, and India.


St Bede Church of England Primary School, Winchester: historical advisor on Voices, a creative writing project on Olympic history for Year 5 and 6 chuldren funded through the Cultural Olympiad, 2010.

National Youth Theatre: historical advisor on White City/Black Country, a new play on Olympic history that premiered in August 2011 at the Black Country Living History Museum, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Anton Junior School, Andover: historical advisor on the Olympic Games and the Paralympics, 2012.

Free Word Centre: historical consultant on Politics & Olympics: Ideals and Realities, 1 May to 9 September 2012.

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